CEREC Primescan

Our office is proud to be one of the FIRST offices in the state of Tennessee to offer single visit dentistry services with our CEREC Primescan. This powerful piece of technology employs state-of-the-art CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing) techniques. Specifically, the CEREC 3D Primescan machinery uses an optical camera to obtain an incredibly accurate 3D digital scan of your teeth eliminating the need for traditional ill-tasting impressions. Then, our doctors custom design the all-porcelain restoration for your tooth using the CEREC CAD software. Finally, during the same visit, a specialized milling machine custom fabricates your all-porcelain restoration in office so all work can be completed in a single visit. This is a tremendous service as conventional dentistry requires a restoration to be made in a dental laboratory which takes time and necessitates a patient to wear a temporary restoration and return for a second visit to receive the restoration.

Benefits of CEREC single-visit restorations include:

  • All treatment is rendered in one convenient appointment
  • Restores up to 100% of tooth’s strength
  • Increased durability means longer restoration lifetime (can last 15+ yrs)
  • No need for temporary restorations
  • Advanced 3D imaging with CEREC Primescan eliminates messy, ill-tasting impressions
  • High-quality aesthetics
  • Custom color characterization blends naturally with your teeth
  • All porcelain, metal-free material mimics natural tooth enamel
  • Clinically proven with more than 25 years of supporting research
  • If you are interested in the CEREC Primescan services or other restorative solutions please call 423-247-9196 for more information. We provide technologically advanced dentistry along with personalized care.